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Nevaeh Rose is a Young Adult author and a Animation Screenwriter. She also writes

Horror and Historical Fiction. Her writings have a bit of a dark suspenseful mood while being

cold and deceptive. Nevaeh likes the thrill element of horror that builds up the suspense

throughout the whole story. She adds mental illness to the genre as her way of attempting to

change the genre or how it is conceived.

Nevaeh works in both novels and film. While working for novels, she prefers to write

online as well as publish to other distributors. For film, Nevaeh prefers script writing and poster design for marketing.


Nevaeh started out as a writer on websites such as Wattpad, AO3, Booksie, Webnovel,

and She moved from them sites to publishing on Smashwords. 

For last almost seven years, Nevaeh has spent her days writing in some form between

her schooling and online sites. Writing has become her life in those years.


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